Sväng plays Tango
Sväng plays Tango

Song list

1.Syyspihlajan alla (Arvo Koskimaa)
2. Liljankukka (Toivo Kärki)
3. Muista minua (Pedro de Punta, arr: E.Grundström)
4. Sateen tango (Unto Mononen, arr: J.Kyhälä)
5. Soi maininki hiljainen (Fridrich Brak, arr: E.Grundström)
6. Tango Humiko (Rauni Westerholm)
7. Tango Taga (Eero Turkka)
8. Hugolle (Jouko Kyhälä)
9. Maggien tango (Eero Grundström)
10. Kaipaustango (Eero Turkka)
11. Siltatanssit (Arto Järvelä)

Published by: Galileo Music&Communications GmbH

Date: 6.7.2018

Sväng Plays SibeliusSväng Plays Sibelius

Song list

1 Intermezzo
2 Ballade
3 Alla Marchia
4 Andante Festivo
5 Venematka
6 Souda souda sinisorsa
7 Impromptu
8 Valse Triste
9 Lemminkäisen kotiinpaluu
10 Jääkärien marssi

Published by: Jumituotanto

Date: December 2015


Song list

1 Schengen (Grundström)
2 Eksyneen tango, The lost one’s tango (Turkka)
3 Eeron ja Nedan häämarssi, Wedding march for Eero and Neda (Kyhälä)
4 Niilon polska, Polska for Niilo (Kyhälä)
5 Naskon Rakija, Nasko’s Rakija (Turkka)
6 Jeppo! (trad, arr Grundström)
7 Kyytiläinen, The captured passanger (Kyhälä)
8 Impivaara (Grundström)
9 Karja-La (Grundström)

Published by: Galileo Music Communications GmbH

Date: March 2014
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“Schladtzshe!” is both a swear and a toast. Its meaning can be exemplified roughly as “Brothers! Let us make our mistakes with pride, for life otherwise is a mere collection of irrational occurrences. Let us empty our abundant, if sometimes bitter, drink with joy!”

Song list

1 Schladtzshe! (Grundström)
2 Hoijakat (trad. arr. Grundström)
3 Menneet (Grundström)
4 Tango tauko (Kyhälä)
5 Kyykäärmeen polska (Turkka)
6 Hellu (Grundström)
7 Humaljärvi (Kyhälä)
8 Humppa skitsofrenia (Kyhälä)
9 Waivainen Walitan Waikiast (trad./Grundström, arr. Grundström)
10 Valossa (Grundström)

Published by: Aitorecords Ltd

Date: September 2010

Sväng plays ChopinSväng plays Chopin

Sväng was comissioned to arrange Chopin music for the La Folle Journée festival in 2010. We received freedom of the repertoire as well as style and form. The result can be experienced on this studio album.

Song list

1 Etude op 10 no 12 “Revolution”, et Mazurka en la mineur opus 68 no 2 (arr. E. Grundström)
2 Prélude en si mineur opus 28 no 6 et Polonaise en fa diése mineur opus 44Prélude en la mineur opus 28 no 2 (arr. E. Grundström)
3 Marche funébre de la “Sonate no 2 en si bémot moneur opus 3” (arr. E. Grundström)
4 Mazurka en sol mineur opus 24 no 1 et Mazurka en ré majeur opus 33 no 2 (arr. J. Kyhälä)
5 Prélude en mi mineur opus 28 no 4 et Nocturne en ut diése mineur opus posthume (arr. E. Grundström)
6 Intro (comp. J.Kyhälä), et Polonaise en la bémol majeur opus 53 “Héroïque” (arr. J. Kyhälä)

Published by: Jumi-tuotanto Oy

Date: May 20, 2010



“Jarruta” means something like “Hit the brakes”.

Although Sväng seems to accelerate at steady rate, there is a joint vision to counter the hectic lifestyle in and around us. Unless we can slow down and stop for a while, we cannot appreciate the delicate nuances of life.

We managed to find an ancient manifest by Mr. Pietari Rautanen “How to live a good life” dated a.d. 1796, which quite coincidently describes our vision:

Thesis #1. Thou shall eliminate all alarm clocks in thy household
Thesis #2. Thou shall not leave for work before the rush hour is over
Thesis #3. Thou shall spend thy lunch hour with thy friends and eat a healthy three course meal
Thesis #4. Thou shall rest or sleep 15 to 30 minutes after lunch
Thesis #5. Thou shall leave from work before the rush hour
Thesis #6. Thou shall entertain thy friends over a nice three or four course meal at least once a month
Thesis #7. Thou shall eliminate the TV set from thy household and obtain a library card instead
Thesis #8. Thou shall sooth thy ears and thy mind with nice music unknown to thee before


1 Haidukka (Turkka)
2 Tango de la Abuelita, Grandmother’s tango (Grundström)
3 Deadline (Grundström)
4 Syli-ikävä, Longing for someone to hold (Grundström)
5 Kua kua kome kiki? ,  ¿Quando se come aqui? (Kyhälä)
6 Phennela menge phurane kaale (trad. Finnish gypsy song, arr. Grundström)
7 Kiiskellä kisaa, Hot times for Ruff (Kyhälä)
8 Tajukankaan polkka, Comatoscene polka (Turkka)
9 Siliavalssi mollissa, “Silia” walz in minor (Viljami Niittykoski, arr. Kyhälä © Manus)
10 Voi kun mulla on ikävä / Oh’ how do I long for (Grundström)
11 Liikkuva linna, Howl’s moving castle (Jo Hisaishi, arr. Grundström © Manus)

Published by: Aito Records Oy

Date: March 5, 2008




1 Jampparaleele (Turkka)
2 Kaipaustango (Turkka)
3 Saaren erakko (M. Maja, arr. Grundström) © Warner/Chappell Music Finland Oy
4 Kurjet (Ismo Alanko) © Ismo Alanko
5 Moara (trad. Romania, arr. Sväng)
6 Tyyskä (trad. Finnish, arr. Grundström)
7 Po Muromskoj Doroshkje ­ Muromskin tiellä (unknown Russian)
8 Sandy boys and Hangman´s reel (trad. USA, arr. Kyhälä/Grundström)
9 Lelita Ioanna (trad. Romanian)
10 Om inte du vill (trad. Swedish, arr. Sväng)
11 Sateen tango (Unto Mononen, arr. Kyhälä/Grundström) © Warner/Chappell Music Finland Oy
12 Svängtime rag (Turkka, arr. Turkka/Grundström)

Published by: Aito Records Oy

Date: Jan 12, 2005