Sväng [s’väη]

After 14 years of touring and having released 6 CDs it is time to look back for a short moment. Finnish harmonica wizards of SVÄNG do so with their new album „HAUPTBAHNHOF“ (main station) and present some new recordings from their extensive repertoire of nordic dance grooves, tangos and balkan rhythms. But only the favourite tunes of audience and the band were considered worthy to be re-performed in the studio!
„HAUPTBAHNHOF“ contains 13 all time favourites – from the very first composition „Jampparaleele“ to „Liikkuva Linna“, the arrangement of the touching theme from Japanese anime movie „Howl´s moving castle“.
The album also includes a special surprise: The classic blues „I´m gonna meet my mother in glory“ sung by Eero Turkka breaks for the first time ever the principal of Sväng to publish only music played on the harmonicas solely. Now this very much beloved encore song can be finally found on an album!
It would not be SVÄNG if there would not be also some musical look into the future. „HAUPTBANHOF“ presents three new – future – all time favourites. Eero Turkka composed a kopanitsa (a bulgarian traditional dance in 11/16 rhythm), Jouko Kyhälä contributed a finnish polska. And Eero Grundström decided to arrange John Williams beautiful „Hedwig´s theme“ from Harry Potter.

In general Sväng stretch their repertoire undogmatically wide and invite their audience to an extraordinary journey of sounds: a free-spirited, sensual and vital mix of music, which has been honored with the attribute of the „harmonica equivalent of the Kronos-Quartet“. Contemporary harmonica music, which is certainly unprecedented in terms of compactness and virtuosity.

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