Sväng plays Tango

The Finnish Tango according to Sväng
Galileo Music – GMC 081
Tango has a very special place in the hearts of finnish people, so special that it has become part of musical identity of Finland along with Jean Sibelius, folk fiddle legend Konsta Jylhä, ancient runosongs and heavy metal music.
Aki Kaurismäki – the country´s best-known film director stated “Tango is simply our national music” and M.A.Numminen argued that in Finland Tango serves both as hymn and matchmaker for couples.
20th century, specially the decades after 2nd world war was heyday for the ultra-melancholy tangos. Lyrics of the Finnish tangos were almost always about longing for the lost love. The melodies were always in minor. Naturally.
Tango was, and still is, one of the favourite folk dances in dance halls. The Finnish tango dance is not too complicated. It is actually quite close to cross country skiing or nordic walking as couples. Still the passion is there, just deeply hidden. Finns certainly do have feelings, but there is seldom a reason to show them in public.
Sväng members have selected their own highly subjective playlist of traditional Finnish tango adding their own creative impact to it by composing also some original tangos. Though the essential part of original tangos was romantic lyrics Sväng wanted to bring out the beauty of the melodies with instrumental arrangements.
Tango has been indispensable part of Sväng music from the very beginning, not a single concert in band´s history has been performed without at least one tango.
“Sväng plays Tango” (galileo music, GMC-081) is the bands 8th studio album and released on the 6th of July. In Finland it is presented in a concert at Kaustinen Festival (including tango dancers Marjo Kiukaanniemi ja Timo Hakkarainen).