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Harmonica Ensemble may not immediately inspire thoughts of high art or serious music-making, but Sväng, founded in 2003, have proved to the disbelievers that this tiny instrument can be very expressive and that its potential is, in fact, unlimited! With a dynamic, energetic stage presence and a repertoire of original music composed by the group members themselves, Sväng are set to dazzle and delight listeners the world over. In their music Slavic melancholy is bolstered by a compulsive rhythmic groove which betrays the groups' love of music of all stripes.

Perhaps their strong appeal can be attributed to the novelty of the ensemble sound Sväng created in the last years coupled with their unique program of virtuoso Balkan rhythms, passionate tango, world music from the North and wild improvisations. A spectacle that must be witnessed live!


Jouko Kyhälä describes the brilliant quartet's music as follows: “Our background comes from our country’s history. Finland lies between the east and the west. Both the melancholic Russians as well as the cheerful Swedish used to

dominate the country. Hence both aspects are present in finnish mentality and music alike. We have a deep passion for minor tonality with all its wistfulness. At the same time we also have a lot of joie de vivre”.

Sväng's debut album, released in 2004, was an instant success and was followed by a womex showcase in 2007 and successful tours around Europe, USA, Mexico, Japan and even China, including many radio and television appearances, including Jools Holland´s legendary New Years Show on BBC 2. Sväng also appeared on top-notch classical stages: they were invited to arrange and play music of Fryderyk Chopin by French festival “La folle journée” in Nantes. In December 2015 they celebrated 150th birthday of Jean Sibelius, the most remarkable classical composer from Finland with the album ”Sväng plays Sibelius”

Their latest album “IN TRAD WE TRUST” was released in October 2020 on German label Galileo. Like 5 albums before it was a “top of the world” by British songlines magazine and designated “Best album 2020”. 


Sväng does also enjoy collaboration with other musicians, regularly they play concerts with Austrian accordionist Otto Lechner, have also shared the stage with Martynas Levickis and Ksenija Sidorova and do play concerts with Symphony Orchestras (with conducter Janne Nisonen)

Concerts: Helsinki Festival, Førde Festival, Malmö Festival, Konzerthaus Vienna, glatt & verkehrt Festival, Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Rudolstadt Festival, Alte  Oper Frankfurt, Bardentreffen Nürnberg, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Folkbaltica, Dranouter Festival, Trad It! Groningen, La folle journée Nantes, Palace of Arts Budapest, Bath Music Festival, songlines encounters Festival London, Pau Casals International Music Festival El Vendrell, Musica dei Popoli Firenze, Folkfest Spilimbergo, Bodrum Music Festival  etc etc...


Awards: Artist of the Year 2019 (Etnogala Helsinki); 6 "Top of the world"- Albums by British Songlines magazine; "Best Album" 2020 by British Songlines magazine


Nominated to "Nordic Council Music Prize" 2019;

Kuva: Jimmy Träskelin

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