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The popularity of harmonica quartet Sväng is seen by many in the fact that the band sounds so much bigger than it actually is: it is sometimes hard to believe that Sväng's sound world is created with only four harmonicas. The bass harmonica plays in the same register as the double bass and the highest diatonic harmonicas reach the heights of a piccolo. Different harmonicas allow for a rich world of sound!!!

The musical world of Sväng is vast. The repertoire includes folk music from Finland and the rest of the world, but is equally influenced by classical music or Finnish tango. Over the years, the band has played together with chamber orchestras, symphony orchestras, women's choirs and men's choirs - not to mention soloists of different styles. From these encounters came the desire to one day encounter the sound cosmos of the orchestra even more intensively.

 "Svängfonia" is a project born out of the curiosity of Sväng's musicians, opening up the band's repertoire to the diverse possibilities of a classical orchestra. Sväng wants to be combined with new timbres.

Finnish tangos form a core of the concert, along with arrangements of the band's own compositions, of course. Not to forget the Sväng versions of Sibelius and Chopin!

 Five arrangers with different musical backgrounds (film music, classical, pop, folk) have spiced Sväng's repertoire with fresh views: Esko Grundström, Aili Järvelä, Pessi Levanto, Roope Mäenpää & Marzi Nyman. The collaboration with the orchestras is led by conductor Janne Nisonen.

Svängfonia premiered November 25th, 2022 with Tapiola Sinfonietta in Espoo.


Sväng meets Otto Lechner "Crazy moments"

When Austria's accordion visionary Otto Lechner meets the Finnish harmonica artists of Sväng, exuberant joy of playing and a desire for musical experimentation are the order of the day. The five gentlemen are breathtaking masters of their related instruments, all have a wry sense of humour and like to challenge their audience to open their ears to what they have not yet heard! In this respect, joint concerts were only a matter of time.

Sväng and Otto Lechner firmly deny that the repertoire and the rehearsals are supposedly done exclusively during collective visits to the sauna, because these five musicians take their art (also!) seriously, despite all their inclination towards playful lightness. Crazy, touching and in any case intense moments are guaranteed at this concert! (Sauna clothes not absolutely necessary)


OTTO LECHNER is said to be one of the musicians who have made the accordion popular again in Austria.  The accordionist, who is well versed in many musical styles, is active in many projects in addition to his solo career and gained international attention especially through his participation in "Accordion Tribe". He is also active as a composer and musician for theatre, radio play productions and film. Otto is one of those avant-garde musicians who, while technically adept, are insatiably in search of adventure and the breaking down of musical boundaries.

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